Sunday, November 26, 2017

Deadly Light – Final Stats

I think it helped the readability of the blog entries to not bog them down with specific daily word counts and the like. But the final results are somewhat interesting.

My average word count per day was 2040. My worst day was on Nov. 6, when I wrote nothing at all. My best day was Nov. 12, when I wrote 4011 words. As far as I know, that was my most productive writing day ever.

Daily counts varied considerably. However, I made it over 2000 words on 17 days out of 25.

Section stats:

Part 1 - The Spanking Machine - 28,861
Part 2 - Childish Things - 29,597
Part 3 - Deadly Light - 24,991

Overall - 83,449

Here are some sites I found with word count stats for some well-known books:

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